Writing Contest

Eeek! Results are in for the 2016 Flash Fiction short story challenge round 1! I scored a 6! That puts me in 9th place out of the fifteen placements in my heat!

For those of you just joining us, the Flash fiction Challenge is a writing contest where you have 48 hours to write a short story with a 1,000 maximum number of words. They give you an object, a genre, and a place. All 3 MUST be used in the short story somewhere. There are 3 to 4 rounds. I just completed round 1 in July.

The points represent the top 15 stories as scored by the judges with 15 points representing 1st place and 1 point representing 15th place.  If the story did not receive any points, it does not mean it was disqualified, only that it did not place in the top 15 of your heat.  Regardless of how many points a person scored, everyone still participates in Challenge #2, and has the opportunity to advance to the 2nd Round with a strong placement. 

Anyway, I was just working on Round 2 of Flash Fiction short story challenge, and it is done! My short story Criteria was Thriller. Campsite. Dollhouse. 1,000 words or less. I’m all done writing it. Submitted it on sunday. Fingers crossed! Round 2 is an elimination round. Yikes! Wish me luck!


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