Freezer Meals on the Ranch

So for the last year I’ve had dealings with freezer meals. I have a houseful of people, and a ranch. As well as my writing, Young Living Essential Oils Independant Distributorship, and more. So I’m a busy woman to say the least. I found it difficult to make healthy home cooked meals when we would get back inside from being out in the fields, working cows etc. So one day I was driving my truck around the field as my husband loaded round bales onto the flat bed so we could haul the hay home. At one of the points where I could stop and wait as he set a bale down, I was looking on Pinterest, and noticed an article about freezer meals. Of course I was intrigued. I started out slow with just one here, and one there, but now one or two Sundays a month, I make six to seven meals and put them into my freezer to await their use. I only use them as a back up. I would rather cook something fresh that day but if I don’t have the time, I’m able to pop one of those freezer meals into the oven, and wait an hour. It’s awesome. My list of usual meals includes, but is not limited to: Cowboy casserole, Tuna Casserole, Arizona hotdish, Paleo Lasagna, Skillet Kielbasa, Chicken casserole, and of course I make a couple loaves of fresh bread, cut them in half, and store them in a freezer bag with paper towels for when we run out of bread. The paper towels are for when I defrost the bread it soaks up the excess water so my bread doesn’t become soggy. I use cake pans with lids or if I make meals for my parents I get the smaller sized tin foil pans and just cover with foil and write the directions in a sharpie. The lids for my cake pans, I paint a square of chalk board paint on them, and then use chalk to outline the date, what meal it is, and the cooking directions. Very simple and fairly quick. It takes me roughly an hour to make all of the above mentioned items.

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