My husband and I want to take the kids camping. To show them the wild wonders of this world that may not be here for many more years. Yes, I own over 100 acres, and rent hundreds more for pasture, and hay ground. But, you can’t connect with that land as much as you should when your cutting hay or working cows. I want to show them a side of the world that is so wild, and beautiful that is rarely seen. I hope my avid readers can do the same. Even if it’s just taking a hiking trail, or going fishing. Go out, and enjoy nature and bring your kids with if you have some. Know how it feels to appreciate something bigger than yourself. Know how it feels to be awed and amazed by something as simple and yet complex as a waterfall, or a tree growing from a burnt out pile of ash. Take a moment and just breathe in the nature. It’s intoxicating.

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