Conquering fear

As I’m climb into my saddle atop a green broke horse that belongs to my father, my arms tremble in anxiety, my palms are sweaty, and make it hard to grip the reins. You see, my horse has a mind of her own, and refused to be caught today in order to doctor cows for pink eye. This left me holding the short stick, and his name is Doc. My father’s antsy gelding who has been known to buck nearly everytime someone rides him. Now, I’ve been riding since before I could walk, I love riding and I love all of our horses, yes even Doc. But, I don’t relish getting bucked off. I’m not my brother who thrives on the thrill of such a ride. I prefer to keep my behind firmly planted in the saddle. Not sailing over the horses head, ass over teakettle to land in a painful heap. But I told myself to calm down and suck it up. When I did, everything went fine. Doc was perfect. Almost as if he liked me better than any of his previous riders. The morning ended with the cows happily on their way, and not a single roll in Docs back indicating he would dump me off. I’d say that was a win in my book.

I guess the moral of this story is…

Most people today, adults and kids alike, have this mentality that if it’s too hard and too scary, they give up, and walk away. Never knowing that when they face the fear, they find courage within themselves. It doesn’t mean you will never be scared. What it does mean though is that you can at least control the fear and get through it. When it’s over, you may find it wasn’t nearly as bad as you had thought it would be.

Published books are Forever Treasured, My Celtic Warrior, Due North, & Shattered Earth.

All can be found on Amazon, but only Forever Treasured and My Celtic Warrior are on Barnes & Noble at this time.

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