My day so far

Ok so my day so far has consisted of getting up at 6am. Get kids out of bed, and ready for school. Get dishes done (by hand) toys picked up off the living room floor, plan dinner, get ready for work, go to work for 4 hours, go to town, and get softener salt, go home do more dishes, laundry.

By this time the kids are getting off the bus so I have them change clothes, and get their chores done, then their homework. After we rush out the door to help move a hot fence on our rotational grazing pasture of 200 head.

One of our steers has pneumonia so we had to doctor it. He was pretty sick so he wasn’t hard to catch. Which is not a good thing. Now, it’s 6:30pm, the sun is low,20160926_182135 and the wind whips through my already tangled mess of hair. I rush my kids back to the vehicle so that I can take them to 4-H.


My days not over yet…

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