One of those days

So my day has been one of THOSE days. You know the ones where anything that can go wrong, does go wrong. It started out as a perfectly normal day, and then I get a text from my husband while I’m at my part time job, telling me that the cows are out. Now a scared feeling comes over you when you think of the 200 head of cattle on the rotational pasture near a highway, that are out. Luckily his second text informed me it was only 20 to 30 head that WERE out. So I asked if he needed me to leave early, and come help. He did not. He was able to  herd them all back into the fence but, after I got home we found out more had crossed the hot fence. So right now we are out in the pasture working on setting up a new section of rotational grazing in order to move them out of the current section, and hopefully keep them happy for a few more days before they decide to escape again. Also, hurt my knee in the process so we will see how that goes. Pictured are the few that decided to make a break for it. It is a pretty view though.

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