Fun day

Today will be an awesome day! I only have to work 3 hours, but best of all my best friend, and unbiblical sister of 25 years is coming back from out of state to visit for a few days! She only comes back like once a year for a few days, and I’m so excited to see her! We will be taking the horses out for a ride as where she lives now, she cannot have a horse, nor does she have the time for one really. So I thought I’d suprise her once she got here! I don’t think she’s rode a horse in…hmmm…four years? Something like that. So anyway, I can’t wait to see her! Heck I can’t wait to go for a ride either. My mare needs to be rode more. She gets obnoxious, and doesn’t listen well if she doesn’t get saddled up, and rode every now and then lol.

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