Today’s mess

This is how I feel today. Chaotic. Frustrated. Disgusted. The mess on the floor feels like how today has gone. The dirt, the play dough, and yes an escaping spider  (eeek!). All of these are representations of the mess that has been today. My spoiled children all howling about how they WANT or HAVE to have something (they aren’t really that spoiled, but for some reason today they acted like it), working, and cleaning up after 480 other people’s kids for four hours. Coming back home to clean while I still can which includes, but was not limited to wiping counters, sweeping (the picture) laundry (3 loads of it), toys picked up, and carpet vacuumed, helped kids with homework, ran errands in town, and made dinner. All this while my husband, and father are hauling cows from the rotational grazing pasture that only has a single hot wire to a four strand barbed wire fenced 300 acre pasture that they won’t escape. Oh, and the fact that our horse trailer has two flat tires that we cant fix so we are down a trailer. So by 7:45pm I was just about to give my last kid a bath when my phone rings. I still have a list of things to get done before I can shower, and crawl into bed. I sigh, and answer. My husband needs us to come down to the pasture, and unsaddle the horses as it is starting to rain, and they also need me to shine my headlights on the corral so they can see better as it is pitch black out now. I groan, but tell him we are on the way. Here we sit at 8:30pm. Waiting for them to come back for the last 3 loads. I love my life. I love ranching. But some days are more frustrating than others. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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