We’ve got the cows caught in our portable corral system, and will be hauling cows home from summer pasture. The calves will head to the sale barn tomorrow morning, and on to their new owner. This year’s cattle prices have been pretty rough. Luckily we sold ours through video feed two months ago, and have fed them up to this point. So we had a slightly better sale than many others but not by much. I know many people have decided to hold their calves, and feed them over winter. They will try to sell them in the spring instead, hoping for better prices.


On a different note, this Tuesday by midnight, I will have the results for this year’s NYC Flash Fiction Challenge round two. Im praying to God that I move on to round three. So excited, and nervous! If I have managed to move on to the next round, Β it will start Friday night at midnight. 😁



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