Blizzard of 2016

Ok so now is as good a time as any to let you in on what’s been happening today.

Wake up to a total white out. Snow covering every inch of the land, vehicles, buildings etc. I knew it was coming, the forecast predicted it all week, and the weather signs confirmed it. Almost everyone I knew didn’t think we would get this much snow. It is central Minnesota people. Of course we will get this much snow lol. Currently we are at about 15 inches in some spots, and 13 inches at others.

Schools are closed which means I don’t go to work today either. That’s a good thing as the roads are NOT passable by any means. But that also means everyone is cooped up inside until the weather gets slightly better; kids are not happy about it. They keep fighting, and wanting at each other’s throats.

Our snow plow broke down, and so did our snow blower, and my husbands truck was not happy about starting this morning either. Not a good thing to happen. So we are just gonna have to deal with it. At least we have plenty of fire wood, and wood pellets for both stoves to last until this snow storm blows over.

The last time I saw this much snow was New years eve 2010 I believe. I drove down from the northern border at college to be home with my fiance, and what would normally take me a two hour drive, took at least 5 hours.


The wind has been screaming past the windows, blowing snow around since before dawn. It’s beautiful to see, but miserable to be out in. But, animals need to be fed. So I’d best get out there 😆😨


Pictured was from about 5 hours ago. It’s gotten worse since then.

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