When it rains, it pours

When it rains it pours…No it doesn’t. It’s a freaking hurricane.

So last sunday my brother was in an accident. My parents went down there to be with him while he recovers. Which he’s doing an awesome job of by the way. I’m so proud of him for being strong.

The thing is though, that 5 days ago the skid steer tire slipped off the rim WHILE we were feeding hay, it was Saturday so nowhere was open to get it fixed. We had to use a chain, and my husbands F350 pickup to finish feeding. I’ll let you imagine how well that worked.

Monday finally rolls around and we get the tire fixed, it’s a great day at work, kids are happy. We are happy…and then the feed wagon chains break. We use this special feed wagon to suppliment the hay with silage. Can’t easily feed silage without it. We have spare chains, but not for the ones that broke. The temp was dropping so the silage would freeze soon if we didn’t either fix it, or shovel 3 skid steer bucket loads out by hand. Guess which one happened? You guessed right. My poor husband had to shovel it out by hand in a blizzard. Oh he was NOT happy.

Yesterday the skid steer stalled, and would not restart for 30 minutes in the middle of feeding a bale of hay to the heifers. Luckily we got it to start, and the rest of the day went fine until the pump to the cow water froze, we got it thawed eventually. Just our luck right? Someone has it out for us this week because this morning it froze again, and so did the bigger tire waterer. Took a few hours, but we got them thawed, reinsulated and a new milk house heater set up. Now hubby is out working on the aforementioned feed wagon, and I’ve been home from work sick.

I just hope that’s the end of the bad luck choochoo train.


I am grateful to God my brother will be okay. I’m grateful to God that my kids are healthy, and happy. I’m grateful I’ve got such wonderful family. One of my aunts even brought me cough drops, chocolate, lasagna, and garlic bread so I didn’t have to cook while sick! Love you auntie!


I’m so very grateful I have an amazing wonderful husband. Thank you babe for being such a wonderful, loving man.




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