Momma’s Cash flow

So many people have asked me how do I make money? How do I make sure my bills are all paid on time? I always say “very carefully” lol. I’ve always side stepped around the issue, especially when it comes to friends, and family. Money is a thing of pride where we are concerned, and don’t like to discuss it with anyone.

But, you lucky people are going to get an inside look at how me, myself, and I make money to contribute to the bills in this house.


1. I’m a rancher so every fall we sell a few calves at the sale barn, and get a lumpsum check, roughly around $7,000.00 but, we usually only profit around a thousand from that once ranch expenses are paid for.

2. I’m a writer. I write, and publish my own novels, most of them are in the E-book format but this brings in $50-60 a month. Yes, that’s the average right now for many new authors who have yet to be discovered lol. I also write short articles for magazines, and sometimes make $100 per article.

3. I do surveys on Cash crate which I’ve made around $80 to $100 a month depending on the amount of surveys they send me.

4. Part time job for 4 hours a day that makes me around $800 a month depending on how many days off I have.

5. We grow all our own beef of course, as well as Chicken, and pork. We hunt every fall, and venison resides next to the home raised meats in our freezers. We grow most of our own vegetables, which we freeze or dehydrate to last through the winter. Any extras we have, we sell at the farmers market. I have made around $700 at the most from one single market day. That’s pretty darn good for one days work don’t you think? And the markets are once a week usually from May to October or November depending on if you have alot of high tunnels in the area that can grow during colder seasons.



I learned the hard way how to budget. No one ever taught me how. My parents certainly didn’t want me to know what the family finances looked like, and to be honest, as a kid I never cared.

It wasn’t until I hit college, and was on my own that I quickly realized how screwed I was. I didn’t manage my money well and was soon eating cheese slices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as that was all I had in my fridge. I had a little better handle on keeping track of how much I had in my bank by the time my husband and I got married.

He didn’t know how to budget either. For the first year we rode the financial wave, living from one paycheck to the next, and not doing very well at it either.

Finally our second year came around and I knew we had to do something. I sat down at my computer, and opened up an excell spread sheet, and started typing.

I typed out how much, and where each income came from, what each bill was, and how much. When I was done typing I grabbed a calculator and started adding up how much we made and how much we spent.

We quickly found out we needed to cut back on a few things and start doing this exact thing every month. Maybe even twice a month so we could keep up with it.


Now we are able to put a little aside into savings for each kid as well as retirement for us, bills are paid on time, and even though we aren’t rich. We are no longer completely broke either!




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