Knock on wood

Everything seems to be getting better. Knock on wood. We haven’t had any more breakdowns for the last couple days. I’m pretty much over this being sick crap other than a cough, and stuffed nose. I can handle that. We got a dump truck load of wood delivered yesterday to fill our wood room in the basement. It should last us a month maybe. Better than nothing right? Lol at least we will be warm.

My brother is making an astounding recovery from his auto accident 2 weeks ago. He still has a long ways to go before he’s fully healed, but he will make it. I know he will because he’s a strong kid. I say kid because he’s my little brother, even tho he’s going to be 25 in January.

I hope you are all staying warm in this negative 3 degrees weather out there. If you have nothing important to do today, curl up with your favorite blanket, a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and read a good book. Preferably mine if you would lol. 😁

See the links on the main page for further book info.

Titles are in order of newest to oldest:

*Shattered Earth Phoenix series Book 1

*Due North Book 1 of North Star Crusades series

*My Celtic Warrior

*Forever Treasured

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