What’s it like?

What’s it like to be a spouse of a Veteran? Chaotic, but full of love.

A veteran is a man or woman that signs an unlimited check for the rest of his or her life.

I say the rest of his life because even though he’s no longer in the service, his life is still run by what the military ground into his very being. His very soul hums with the war cry of the millions that have served before, with, and after him.

He fought for our country.

He would have died for this country.

Jump in front of a bullet to save a brother in arms.

Carry a wounded brother to saftey.

Save civilians in danger.

That kind of mentality never leaves him. He is always hyper aware of everything going on around him. He is protective of those he loves and is constantly stressing over what can go wrong, and what he may have to do to fix it.

The high levels of stress, anxiety, and adrenaline are what your Veteran now lives off of. They are a constant companion through the rest of his life. They will cause days to be hard, difficult, and downright depressing. There will be times when you feel unloved, unwanted, and forgotten.

But if you hang in there. Count your lucky stars you found this man. Talk to him. You can help him overcome it. Hug him. Kiss him, and let him know you are there. Hold him through his nightmares, and always cover his back.

He will prove how wrong you were to think of anything but his strong, and powerful love for you. This veteran counts on you as much as you count on him. Together, you can do the impossible.

He is honor, and loyalty personified.

The fact that he’s also a cowboy, well he just knocks my socks off everytime he smiles at me.


I’m the luckiest woman alive. I love you honey. ❤💋😍😊


Words of wisdom for the spouse of a veteran: Communication is key. Never ASSUME anything. 😏


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