Goals for the New Year, for 2017. Everyone has them, don’t try to deny it lol. There are the very common ones such as “I’m gonna lose 60 pounds!”, or “I’m gonna make it rich!” We all should strive to better ourselves, but we should do it realistically. If you set too high of a goal, it will be much harder to attain, and will take alot longer to achieve. But if you set a series of smaller goals, each one is a small victory that leads you to the ultimate goal level you really wanted to reach in the first place.

For example my 2017 goals include:

Eat healthier, better food choices.

Exercise 2 to 3 times a week.

Don’t check the scale, not even once, that is just a number, it’s all about how I feel.

Be grateful. Count my blessings.

Make it to the rank of Silver in Young Living.

Make time for an adventure with my family.

Buy 10 more head of cattle.


Now my goals may seem too big, or even too small to many people. Each persons goals are different, and each person will reach them at a different pace. Go easy on yourself if you fail the first or second time you try.

As long as you keep trying, you will eventually succeed. Are you willing to go the distance?

I am. I expect to have new and tremendously different goals for 2018.

Also, why wait until January 1st to get started? It’s just an excuse to put it off. I started yesterday with my exercise and eating healthier goal. Yes I feel like a herd of Buffalo ran me over, but I’ll feel even better when the 1st rolls around.

Why do something tomorrow when you can do it today? I know that quote is said differently, but you get the gist.

Sit down. Write a list of at least 5 goals. Put the list somewhere you can see it everyday. Who cares if you think it’s embarrassing. So what if someone sees it. Your one step closer to achieving your dreams. Don’t be afraid.

Good luck!

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