So true

As a Minnesota born and bred cowgirl, I find this picture hilariously true. I know, many of you are reading my post and saying to yourself “She’s nuts, it doesn’t get that cold” Or ” What a wacko, it gets colder here”. Yes, it does get that cold, and yes, one or two places I’ll admit are colder than here. I don’t travel out of state during the winter to warmer climates. I like the winter. I’m not a fan of the ice when the roads get slick as snot, but otherwise I love it. My husband will tell you otherwise though. He hates it here, he was born in Colorado and has been in MN 6 to 7 years less than I have. He only stays because he loves me. Right now, it’s negative 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Slightly nippy I’d say lol. Well the animals need hay, and my child is yelling at me so I’ll leave you all be. I need to throw on a pair of coveralls and a scarf. 😆


On a quick side note, if you find the weather too cold, buy one of my books and curl up under a blanket. All links to my books are at the top of the main page. Happy reading!

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