All in a day

Was I just joking about the weather here in MN? Well the jokes on me. My vehicle wouldn’t start this morning so I had to call in to my part time job and tell them I want coming in. I’ve now scheduled an appointment with the local mechanic to have a block heater installed. I won’t be having another morning like this one 😎.


In other news my brothers horse I’ve been taking care of apparently likes to jump fences. Woke up this morning and he was standing beneath the oaks outside his pasture. Naughty gelding. Caught him and put him back, and three hours later he was out again. Seems to me he misses my brother. But my little brother can’t ride right now. Not until he fully recovers from his vehicular accident. He is home now by the way thank the Good Lord above.


Pictured is my brothers horse Banjo, this was from the fall when he was brought to my place before it snowed. Yes he has hay by the way. It’s juts not pictured, nor the oats he gets each day lol.

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