Oily blog post

Today I want to talk a bit about an amazing Young Living Essential Oil. It’s called Angelica, or Angelica archangelica. It’s roots are steam distilled and most commonly found in France, Belgium.

It’s primary use is Cooling!


A bit of folklore about this oil is that a possible source for its unique name comes from an old legend which states that during a terrible plague an angel revealed this plant to a monk. The Germans refer to this plant as “oil of angels”.


Now there is more to that legend of course but due to being a compliant Young Living member I need to keep this post “clean” of hot words. I’m not a doctor and cannot and will not diagnose, prescribe or claim to cure.

But I can discuss the oils and what body systems they help support!


For example, Angelica is well known for supporting the nervous system and for emotional balance. Can be applied topically on shoulders, vita flex points and bottoms of the feet. Avoid sunlight on areas that it has been applied.


Avoid if you are diabetic and use with caution if you are pregnant.


The cool thing about oils is they each have a frequency level, Angelica has approximately 85MHz.

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