We all have different views on our children’s education. Most kids are sent to public schools where they are there from Pre-school on to 12th grade. Others go to private school. And many are homeschooled by their parents, have private tutors or even do online school from home which has been all the rage latley.

For me, it’s not that easy. I’m not ready yet to send my 3 year old to school. A place where he knows no one, and is not familiar with the lay of the land. I don’t know. I’m a mom. It’s not as easy for us as it is for dads to send their little ones off to shcool for the first time. And honestly, pre-school or head start are not free, who can afford it? I know there are scholarships. blah. Either way, I’m not ready. Since child care is not an issue for me as my husband is home the 4 hours I’m not, I don’t HAVE to send him to school until Kindergarten which is at age 5.


So I’m betting all of you are going ” but where does that leave her kid on the learning scale?” Right where he’s supposed to be is my answer. How?

Because I homeschool him a few hours a day. I order a monthly curriculum from Carol’s Affordable Curriculum online. It’s for infants to age 6. So it covers all the stages beyond the start of Kindergarten. When he turns five, maybe I’ll be ready to send him to school lol. I guess we will see.

🖒😊I absolutely love the daily lessons from this curriculum. You can do as many as you want a day. I’ve done 5 or 6 on top of working with a write and wipe book where he works on the alphabet and numbers.

Here’s the link to the site if your interested

Also, don’t forget to take a look at the boak and oil links on my main blog page.



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