Dream last night

My dream from last night as much of it as I can remember, wasn’t bad, wasn’t good, it just was. But I remember, and it stuck with me where I forget most other dreams 5 minutes after waking. What was my dream?


There was a red headed woman, she was the daughter of a viking. It was like I watched her life from different perspectives, from her eyes, the eyes of those around her, and from the sky.

It was odd.

Anyway, it started as her being a young girl whose family was an important one, and they were attacked. They had to leave their home to survive. They took others with with on their journey. When they came to a new land, they were met by another larger, Viking clan, and welcomed.

One of the people that had traveled with them was a young boy whose family had died in the attack. He was the girls best friend and would leave ribbons in her hair while she slept.

Time forwarded and the leaders decided to set sail to new lands. Theirs was growing crowded. They took their families, and boarded crude looking ships, that looked more like rafts than anything. The son of the clan leader was big, strong, and he was in love with the young woman. But so was the boy who had grown up with her, and was now a young man.

The clan Leaders son took every opportunity he could to be near her, talk to her. Her  friend stayed away, and allowed jealously to grow, and turn him into a bitter, angry man. A day came when  the woman fell over board in a storm and the clan Leaders son dove in and saved her.


She fell rapidly in love with him and they were to be married. But the other would not have it.


My dream ended as the ships landed on new shores and the two men fought. The battle was bloody and I have no idea how it ended since my alarm woke me up.


I would hope that the clan Leaders son won. I got the feeling that the other man had turned out to be a very horrible person.


So that’s my dream lol.



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