2,500 words

Finally hit the max amount of words for my NYC MIDNIGHT Short Story Challenge…and then I went over, by about 400 words.

It’s never fun for a writer to pick through their work and hit delete, delete, delete when they have worked so hard to bring a story to life. Every writer thinks that everything they write is integral and important in some aspect to their book. Most times, its really not 😂. We have to rely on others to read through it, and pick out that parts that aren’t relevant.


Heck I read it over five times before I hollered for my husband to come read it. He sat down and pointed out at least four sentences that I could delete. Once he showed me, I realized he was right. Sometimes we need the perspective of others before we can find the flaws.


I made my husband read every one of my published books before I read it again. And then I sent it to my mother in law to read, and edit.

I love writing. I know you love reading because you have stuck with my rambling in this post to get to the end.

Take a look at all of my books. Read them, and wait eagerly for the next two that are in the works at this very moment.


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The second books for both series are underway and I hope to have them completed by Christmas 2017. I had to change my earlier timeline due to unforseen circumstances.

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