Few quick notes

When it comes to health and wellness, you either pay now, or pay later. This year can be different! You can pay forward and take care of yourself! I will walk you through the learning curve and mentor you in the process. Go to


Click Become a member

Choose Wholsale membership (you get 24% off all products for life, only requirement is $50 a year and the chance to make $$)

Choose your Premium Starter kit (The kit with the Dewdrop diffuser is a much favored one)

Leave the number that is already in the Sponsor and enroller blanks as they are. (1790415)

Click on the Essential Rewards program and have your customizable order shipped out monthly! (The autoship program is optional, and it requires $50 a month, but I’ve found it to be extremely helpful and hassle free! You can change your order whenever you want to whatever you want, you can change the day the order processes, you get much cheaper shipping costs, AND BONUS you earn points to be redeemed for products! So FREE Stuff!)

Follow prompts until complete! Be sure to write down and save your account and login information! That’s how you will be able to log back in and customize your orders or sign others up!

Wait for your awesome welcome package, and your AMAZING premium starter kit to arrive!

Also, Due North Book 1 of the North Star Crusades series is back on Barnes & Noble. Links posted below.

Northern Bound Book 2 of the North Star Crusades series is in the works and will hopefully be ready for publishing by end of August.

Book 2 of the Phoenix series is in the works as well. No title decided upon as of yet. I hope to have it published by end of either September or October. Sooner rather than later would be best of course but, every Author has a life outside of the books, at least this one does 😆.

Take a chance on one of my 3 other published titles. I think you will like them. Read and review them 😊

Forever Treasured can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble @:



♡My Celtic Warrior can be found on Amazon @:

♡Due North Book 1 of North Star Crusades series can be found on Amazon @:

and on Barnes & Noble @


♡Shattered Earth Phoenix series Book 1 can be found on Amazon @:



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