Calving season is near

Sorry it’s been awhile since I last posted. I’ve had 3 different Young Living essential oil classes I taught this month, the final one was last night. I’ve got 5 more next month that I need to prep for, and 5 in April as well. Those are just the scheduled ones, I’m hoping to have 5 a month the rest of the year. Also, been working on getting somewhat of a promotion in my part time job which is good!


Calving season is around the corner for us. Another month, and babies should start popping out lol. Many people are already in their calving season and are experiencing the nasty, constantly changing weather. It’s never fun to have to pull a calf in the muck while it’s raining, AND snowing at the same time.


If you are lucky, you have a shed you can move the pregnant cow to so everyone is out of the weather during this happy yet exhausting time. Other times, you aren’t so lucky, and even if you do have a shed, the cow may be down, and there’s no time or no way to move her before you HAVE to help that baby out if it’s momma.

Sleepless nights where you are up every 4 hours to check the herd and be sure no one is having problems are an everyday occurance. By the time the last cow has calved, your hair has grown 5 inches, your eyes are redder than a fire truck and gritter than a sand pit, your skin looks pale, and some days the smell, phew!


But it’s all worth it in the end! To see those babies playing king of the hill and romping around the pasture. They will grow big, and bring in (hopefully) a nice paycheck in the fall when they are brought to the sale barn.

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