Home made Playdough with Essential Oils

So my son LOVES LOVES LOVES to play with playdough. We would buy him one of those huge packs with like 20 containers, and he’d go through it and it’d dry out and be gone in maybe a month. So we got tired of it. I found a home made recipe online, and tweaked it to perfection by adding a few of my favorite Young Living Essential Oils.

Peace and Calming or Lavender for Tantrum busters, Valor for emotional days, and Thieves for when they may need immune boosting.

Each batch takes about 10 minutes, less if the stove top is heated up. I made 4 batches, and it took maybe 30 minutes total.

It was a total hit! Not only are all the ingredients safe and toxin free, but it lasts alot longer and doesn’t have a nasty smell to it.

So here’s the recipe:

1 cup Flour
2 Tsp Cream of Tartar
1 Tbls Olive oil
1/3 cup Salt
1 cup Water
Mix in a sauce pan and heat over medium until smooth. Mix in food coloring, keep stirring until it sticks in a large clump. Take out, and let cool on a plate or parchment paper. Once cool, knead, and add Young Living Essential Oils of your choice!

If you think your kid might eat it, be sure to use the Young Living Vitality line. đŸ˜†

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