Ever notice how quickly your language changes once you have kids?


I didn’t. It took me 3.5 years to notice how much mine had changed.


It’s funny really when you sit down and think about it. Blanket becomes blankie, toilet becomes potty, water becomes wawa, food becomes num nums, nummies, baths become tubby time, and adult time becomes mommy or daddy timeout.


One day you’re either cussing up a storm, or using the proper language for a word and the next it’s uhoh, do you have to use the potty? Do you want your blankie?

Oh, and don’t use the word SEX by accident if you want 5 minutes alone with your spouse (I say 5 minutes because that’s all the time you will get before your kids start banging on the door). Your little sponge will soak that word up like it’s apple juice and spout it off for the next two days. That, and any other cuss word you can think of.


My son learned two new words when he was hanging out with his daddy, and uncle (my husbands brother) for a few hours. Uncle taught him two not so very nice words. I lectured him on his language, and he won’t do it again. The uncle not my son lol, he’s already forgotten those words and everyone is real careful now not to repeat them in front of him.


I will admit I was the one who thought it was funny to have my husbands brothers kid say dump truck 5 times, and as a 3 year old with a slight speech impediment, you can imagine which word it came out as.


Now I have kids, I still think it was hilarious, but I wouldn’t do it to my kids or anyone else’s kids for that matter now.

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