Old Ranch truck

It’s 20 years old, but it still runs. It’s rusted out, and faded brown, but the cows don’t care. She’s run without a hitch ever since you bought her.

The bench seats a little torn, and stained, there’s a hole in the floor boards, a crack in the windshield. The scratch down the side is from when that ornery cow with horns decided she wanted to eat you alive when you were only trying to tag her calf.

The tires are worn, the flatbed is rusted, and the engine rattles. But she’s always started, even on those 40 below winter days when your wife’s 3 year old car won’t start.


She’s hauled hay, kids, calves, and feed.

She was there when you got married and brought your new wife to the ranch, and was there to bring your first born home from the hospital.


She’s your old Ranch truck, and you’ll run her till she’s nothing but a few bolts, and chunks of metal.


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