Baby Calves

It’s that time of year again, when the snows melt, and the spring breeze brings with it a new cycle of life.

It’s officially calving season! It’s been calving season for the last 4 weeks, but because with pregnant animals, like people, you may give birth early. So we start checking early to make sure no one has problems.  But the babies weren’t actually being born yet until this week.


So anyway we decided to move the pairs out of the birthing pen, one of the new babies was in a calf hut, and I had to go in there, and chase it out. Of course I knew the minute I went in there that baby would bellow and call for momma. I crawled in there almost on my hands and knees and that baby went bonkers. Calling for momma and waving it’s head back, and forth trying to intimidate me. It was funny until he rushed me and I turned to get out of his way. Not fast enough apparently lol. That little stinker head butted me in the behind and bellowed again. I stood up once I got out of the hit and there was momma. On the other side and pawing the earth angrily. I could hear my dad and husband laughing their butts off about the calf. Baby was out now and momma was after me. So what do I do? I crawl as fast as I can back into that baby hut and hide till she’s gone. I’m not stupid enough to tangle with her lol.




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