Making butter

Eww get your head out of the gutter! Lol that’s not an expression for sex.

We actually made butter from fresh cream today.


A friend of mine has a milk cow, and her husband called us begging me to take some of the milk home. He was headed out to the barn to milk their little cow, and his fridge was FULL of milk! I of course said HELL YES! Fresh, Free milk is always a plus in this house.

My family drinks it like there’s no tomorrow. That gets expensive buying 5 gallons of milk every 4 days.

I’m serious!

So anyway, I rush other over to their place and bring probably 3.5 to 4 gallons home. We let it sit over night and today we scooped the cream off the top, and made butter!


How? Well put the cream in a blender, add a pinch or two of salt, and pulse it. Keep doing that until it becomes chunky. Get a strainer ready, and pour it into the strainer. Put chunks back into the blender, and add cold water. Pluse again, strain it, add cold water. Do that 3 or four times. This removes the whey. After the final strain, put the butter in a bowl, and slightly tip the bowl on its side. Use a spoon to press out the water, and drain it. Do this until little to no water is pressed out. Seal in a container and refrigerate.

It’s delicious!

Removing the whey, and as much water as possible allows it to last longer, won’t spoil as fast.

There wasn’t a whole lot left over but it’s enough to last until I get more milk, and cream! Also means it won’t just sit in the fridge and go bad. 😎


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