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North Bound, the 2nd book in the North Star Crusades series!

Samantha Red Horse is on the run, as someone is after her blood. Can Chayton Running Wolf, a former U.S. Army Ranger, keep her safe, and possibly forgive her? Will they be able to find the devil behind all the chaos in their lives?

Dakota Running Wolf is a single parent trying to make ends meet. When he’s accused of murdering the mother of his child, Shannon, the mysterious red headed woman who lives next door to his ex, will come to his rescue.

Amber Red Horse has survived a vicious rape , but does she really live? Walking in an emotional fog, she abandons her baby girl, and hides in the far corners of her mind. Can Shane, Chayton’s partner and former ranger, bring her back to the living and help her overcome the horror, and guilt she suffers? Or will she perish in the icy depths of blackness the rape has subjected her to?

You will not want to miss what happens to our favorite characters in this book!

Warning: Mature content

Watch for book 3 in the North Star Crusades series!



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