The miracle of birth

You have no idea what a miracle looks like, unless you have witnessed or helped with a birth. I myself have given birth to my child as have billions of other women. But few people get to see it every year, maybe two to three times a day for almost 3 months.


I do. No,  I don’t work at a hospital. It’s not even human babies I see born.

I’m talking about baby calves. We have over 170 head of cows that are calving this year, about 34 are left to give birth.


There’s nothing more rewarding than helping a momma cow give birth when she is struggling, when the baby is turned the wrong way, is too big for momma to push out, or some other reason that may complicate things.


We run the momma up into the chute, assess how far the birth has progressed or not, and then one of us puts on a plastic glove that reaches all the way up to our shoulders.

Once ready we reach up inside her, yes that’s right, up her hooha, and check what is going on; do what we can to help.

The baby slides out in a slippery, slime covered mess. Momma muzzles baby and licks him clean. A little while later baby is up and wobbling around trying to find its milk.


It’s an adorable wonderful sight to behold.

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