This summer

First I’m going to apologize once again for the amount of time in between blog posts. It’s spring, and there are a million and one things I’ve been trying to keep up with, so my blog has suffered slightly.

What exactly have I been doing? Let’s see, last weekend we worked cows, luckily we had a few friends come over and help, or it wouldn’t have gotten done in one day. Even with help, we weren’t able to haul the cows out to their summer pastures the same day.

So on the days when I’m not subbing at the school, we have been taking a load of cattle out here and there. Yesterday we hauled a load of horses to my brothers place in order to conserve the grass at our place for the summer. Hopefully we will be able to get the rest of the cows out this weekend. Then the corn planting starts.

Which, I have not mentioned we just finished planting the oats before the rains came. (Thank God for the rain because we really needed it.)

Anyway, it’s been a hectic, but great month so far.

This summer should prove eventful with graduations, haying, checking fences, and pastures, haying, camping, haying, yard work, haying, and so on and so forth…you get the picture lol. Haying is priority during the summer once the cows are taken care of.


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