Find your arrow

He’s lost in this world with no compass at hand. With demons and booze, his thoughts are clouded and aimless.

As each day passes by, he looses more friends and family to the devils that plague him.

Those who love him, take a step back with uncertainty, and fear. Those who hate him, cheer him on and whisper lies in his ears.

The time has come for him to find his path. To go out into the world on his own, and forge a path that is his alone.

To fight the demons that no others can. To regain his true self, and find his destiny.

This is something none of us can do for him. We can help him no longer.

It’s time for the boy to become a man and step down from that childs pony. It’s time he rode the wild horse named responsibility.


It’s time little brother. Theres no 8 seconds on this timer. Find your true arrow, and point it North.


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