Oily Travel tips for Young Living Essential Oils

Oily Traveling tips (first hand experience) 

Okay, first, I am only discussing Young Living Essential Oils and products.


Be sure to pack your vitamins that you would normally take. You can pack them in your carry on along with supplements. You don’t want to skip out on necessary nutrients and minerals, especially when your body is stressed out as it is from travel.


Anytime you fly, always use the 3-1-1 rule. All liquids must be 3 oz or less, in a one 1 quart bag per person.


So what I usually do, is I grab the 5ml bottles of oils and I can pack probably 12 in a single quart bag if I really wanted to. But I only take the ones I think I’ll need the most because space is essential.


Oils I take with me that are a MUST: Digize, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, and Peace and Calming. I packed these in their own quart bag and made sure the air was sucked out enough to put the whole thing into my 1 quart bag that would contain the rest of my liquid items that are below.


I was able to fit these into my quart bag with my extra contacts, contacts solution, Young Living Deoderant, my husband’s deodorant, Thieves hand sanitizer (this is a MUST for me, too many germs in an airport) and Young Living Lip balm. My husband always travels with me so for his bag I stuff the Young Living Bon Voyage Items that include 3oz bottles of Shampoo, conditioner, bath and shower gel, and Thieves MouthWash along with any other small liquid items.


You might be able to fit the Ningxia red Pouches inside one of the quart bags as well. I was unable to as I lacked space. Always keep your liquid bag in an easily accessible place, this makes it easier to dig out when going through security.


Quick mini tip: Don’t wear jeans that have metal sparkly things on the butt…the scanners WILL go off and you will get a pat down lol. (I experienced this on my most recent trip, had I known better, I would never have worn them lol)


Bring a couple of cotton balls. These are great for putting Lavender or Purification on and into your luggage full of dirty laundry on the way home. Keeps the smell at bay and even helps the laundry smell a little fresher.


I hope these tips prove helpful on your next trip!


If you have any questions about other items to bring, you can always ask the TSA when in doubt. Just Google it, and a list of what you can or cannot bring on board will be available.


Happy Oiling!


Just a thought

The weather is actually pretty nice today and is supposed to stay that way all weekend.

It’s a blessing, and a curse.

A blessing because we have had such long cold snaps that a little nice weather is welcomed.

But, a curse because it’s feels like spring and I get the itch to start doing more spring things.

Like getting the garden going for instance. And I’m not talking about no puny flower garden here, no, I’m talking about a large vegetable garden.

One that sustains my large family through part of the summer, all of fall and through the winter months. We won’t have to buy a single thing from the grocery store that is vegetable or even meat related (we raise our own beef if you couldn’t tell from previous posts).

The only thing to buy would be items such as flour (once I get the miller figured out, that won’t be needed from the store either) condiments, bread etc. The little things. Hopefully we can minimize the amount of processed food as much as possible.


(Pictured is taken from Google images, obviously too cold for a garden right now, and I havent thought of taking pictures of it before now when there was a garden)

Bone cold

What does the term Bone cold mean? It means when you are out battling frozen water tanks in negative 40 degree weather for 2 hours you feel cold seep so deeply within your body that you can feel your bones freezing.

It takes hours afterwards to warm back up enough to take a hot shower or warm bath to remove the rest of the ice from your limbs. (never use hot water on ANY part of your body with that kind of cold toll you have warned up some. It can be REALLY bad.)

So that’s what I’ve been dealing with. We have this really cool tractor tire water tank that doesn’t need electricity at all!

The only downside is that it freezes over during the winter and you have to chop out the top layer of ice so the water can flow again.

Every day. That’s right. Every single day, sometimes 3 to 4 times a day. The water must be broken open. Usually with a hammer.

Although, don’t send the kids to do it, I learned that lesson the hard way.

They dropped my hammer in the tire water tank and after five attempts to dip my bare arm to the shoulder to retrieve it on the warmest of days this January, I gave up. It can stay at the murkey bottom till the temps are in the fifties. 😂

Or if I can find the big magnet that is buried somewhere in my husband’s disaster of a shop, maybe I’ll be able to use that.

But I think I’ll have better luck waiting. I’m not touching that shop with a ten foot pole. He and the boys made it look like a tornado whipped through there.


Pictured is an example of what ours looks like during the summer. (Not our tank as I’m too cold to whip out my phone to take a picture of ours)



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Worst substitute?

I’m honestly trying the best I can. It ain’t easy for substitutes.

I’d be writing if I had a computer to work with, but the teacher took it with her.

So I’m stuck with obnoxious, ungrateful, spoiled teenagers who could care less about the 9th grade math worksheets I’ve just handed them.

Listening to a bunch of bratty young girls complain about pants that arent white but aren’t cream, but somewhere in between.

God save me from these materialistic tweens.

I will say this, our education system sucks, and I’m glad I homeschool my kids. (No it’s not my fault it sucks) I’m usually not so tired and as far as substitutes go, I’m usually a pretty damned good one.

Kids today are either mindless testing robots, or dull and uncaring hooligans (okay, there are a handful that are exempt from this description I’ll admit, but they are out numbered.) It’s not really the teachers fault either.

It’s our government standards. Take a test, school gets funding, take another test, school gets more funding, take ANOTHER test, school gets even MORE funding…get the picture?

I’d honestly rather be helping my family bring the new bulls we bought home today than earning a measly amount to babysit mini adults who are still wet behind the ears.

Sigh. Tomorrow is another day, and another dollar.

Hope your day is better than mine

I’ll be applying stressaway oil now to kill the stress and drinking a Ningxia Nitro to wake me up.

(Both can be found on http://yldist.com/rachelconnell/ )



Have you ever seen

Have you ever seen a 28 year old woman run from the barn at 6am into the dark yelling “There’s a skunk in the tack room!”?

Well my husband and kids sure did yesterday morning. We had gone up to the barn to catch and saddle horses for a day of catching cows and hauling them home before the snow fell. (The snow started around 4pm yesterday. Thank God we were done by then)

Anyway, I went into the barn first, turning on lights as I went. And as I got into the back of the barn where our tackroom is, I started smelling something funny. (Skunks don’t have to spray to smell funny) I turned on the light in there and a skunk streaked across the room! I spun on my heel and ran hell bent for leather out of the barn and into the dark yelling about the skunk as I went.

My kids and husband stared at me like I  was sasquatch on mushrooms or something (paints a picture don’t it lol)

My husband walked in carefully with our two dogs to scout it out, but found nothing.

His words were “are you sure it wasn’t one of the cats?”

Like seriously? I know what the hell a skunk looks like. It was NOT one of our cats. Not to mention none of our cats are pure black with a white stripe down its back. *sigh*

Looking back a day later I have to laugh about it. It was pretty funny. And I got lucky that it didn’t spray me.

Calf sales and what comes first

We are finally on a slow day after bringing the calves to the sale barn. It’s a rewarding, but time consuming process.

Starting last friday and ending Monday with the sale, we have been to 3 different pastures, rounding up and hauling cattle home.

With ditches deep with water no horse wants to cross and cows keen on escape, we made it to 6am Monday morning. It’s still dark out, sun up doesn’t happen till about 7am. But we are dressed and ready for what comes next.

With water pumps breaking and causing home pastures to change it took a little longer than we hoped but we were able to get them sorted and calves loaded up. We made it on time to the sale, and no one got hurt.

I’d say that’s a win in my book 😃