The 22nd

Do a buddy check today. It’s the 22nd. I’m going to try to remind you every 22nd of the month to check in and make sure your veteran friends are ok. Why the 22nd?


Because every month 22 veterans commit suicide. EVERY MONTH.

They should not feel so alone that they think they need to take their lives to fix a problem.

Let them know that you are there for them. You will help in anyway you can.

* Our soldiers fought for us. Let us fight for them now. *

This weekend only!

For this weekend only, ending Monday night at midnight, in the spirit of the Passion Rally and Earth day, I am doing a NEW rebate for brand new members who sign up with a premium starter kit!!

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Issues of the writer woman part 2

So one of that many problems I face as a writer, is being undiscovered. What I mean by that is I have a hard time advertising, and marketing my books.

One of the many questions I ask myself each day is how do I get my books noticed? How do I get my books to sell? Short of spending hundred if not thousands of dollars to pay someone to do this, I’m at my wits end.


I use this blog, and social media to the best of my ability but I wish I had access to a larger crowd of readers eager to buy, and read my books. I promise they are a great read! Lol.


I guess I will just keep plugging along, and hope that one day it happens like a lightning strike, and my books start selling like hot cakes lol.


Keep an eye out for my newest release coming soon to AMason kindle! North Bound, the second book of my North Star Crusades series!



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Beating the deadline

My release date for North Bound is July 9th 2017.


But, I only have 20,000 words left to go, and I’ll finish this book!


If I sit my behind down at my computer, and get to typing, I could beat my deadline by 2 months!


Guess what I’m doing right now? Sitting at my computer writting this lol.


I will get to it in 5 minutes. Promise! Just going to drink my Young Living essential oils Slique Tea, and be about my writting buisness.

Coming soon!

Coming soon to Amazon Kindle!

North Bound, the 2nd book in the North Star Crusades series!

Samantha Red Horse is on the run, as someone is after her blood. Can Chayton Running Wolf, a former U.S. Army Ranger, keep her safe, and possibly forgive her? Will they be able to find the devil behind all the chaos in their lives?

Dakota Running Wolf is a single parent trying to make ends meet. When he’s accused of murdering the mother of his child, Shannon, the mysterious red headed woman who lives next door to his ex, will come to his rescue.

Amber Red Horse has survived a vicious rape , but does she really live? Walking in an emotional fog, she abandons her baby girl, and hides in the far corners of her mind. Can Shane, Chayton’s partner and former ranger, bring her back to the living and help her overcome the horror, and guilt she suffers? Or will she perish in the icy depths of blackness the rape has subjected her to?

You will not want to miss what happens to our favorite characters in this book!

Warning: Mature content

Watch for book 3 in the North Star Crusades series!



*Copy righted*



The miracle of birth

You have no idea what a miracle looks like, unless you have witnessed or helped with a birth. I myself have given birth to my child as have billions of other women. But few people get to see it every year, maybe two to three times a day for almost 3 months.


I do. No,  I don’t work at a hospital. It’s not even human babies I see born.

I’m talking about baby calves. We have over 170 head of cows that are calving this year, about 34 are left to give birth.


There’s nothing more rewarding than helping a momma cow give birth when she is struggling, when the baby is turned the wrong way, is too big for momma to push out, or some other reason that may complicate things.


We run the momma up into the chute, assess how far the birth has progressed or not, and then one of us puts on a plastic glove that reaches all the way up to our shoulders.

Once ready we reach up inside her, yes that’s right, up her hooha, and check what is going on; do what we can to help.

The baby slides out in a slippery, slime covered mess. Momma muzzles baby and licks him clean. A little while later baby is up and wobbling around trying to find its milk.


It’s an adorable wonderful sight to behold.

Making butter

Eww get your head out of the gutter! Lol that’s not an expression for sex.

We actually made butter from fresh cream today.


A friend of mine has a milk cow, and her husband called us begging me to take some of the milk home. He was headed out to the barn to milk their little cow, and his fridge was FULL of milk! I of course said HELL YES! Fresh, Free milk is always a plus in this house.

My family drinks it like there’s no tomorrow. That gets expensive buying 5 gallons of milk every 4 days.

I’m serious!

So anyway, I rush other over to their place and bring probably 3.5 to 4 gallons home. We let it sit over night and today we scooped the cream off the top, and made butter!


How? Well put the cream in a blender, add a pinch or two of salt, and pulse it. Keep doing that until it becomes chunky. Get a strainer ready, and pour it into the strainer. Put chunks back into the blender, and add cold water. Pluse again, strain it, add cold water. Do that 3 or four times. This removes the whey. After the final strain, put the butter in a bowl, and slightly tip the bowl on its side. Use a spoon to press out the water, and drain it. Do this until little to no water is pressed out. Seal in a container and refrigerate.

It’s delicious!

Removing the whey, and as much water as possible allows it to last longer, won’t spoil as fast.

There wasn’t a whole lot left over but it’s enough to last until I get more milk, and cream! Also means it won’t just sit in the fridge and go bad. 😎


Baby Calves

It’s that time of year again, when the snows melt, and the spring breeze brings with it a new cycle of life.

It’s officially calving season! It’s been calving season for the last 4 weeks, but because with pregnant animals, like people, you may give birth early. So we start checking early to make sure no one has problems.  But the babies weren’t actually being born yet until this week.


So anyway we decided to move the pairs out of the birthing pen, one of the new babies was in a calf hut, and I had to go in there, and chase it out. Of course I knew the minute I went in there that baby would bellow and call for momma. I crawled in there almost on my hands and knees and that baby went bonkers. Calling for momma and waving it’s head back, and forth trying to intimidate me. It was funny until he rushed me and I turned to get out of his way. Not fast enough apparently lol. That little stinker head butted me in the behind and bellowed again. I stood up once I got out of the hit and there was momma. On the other side and pawing the earth angrily. I could hear my dad and husband laughing their butts off about the calf. Baby was out now and momma was after me. So what do I do? I crawl as fast as I can back into that baby hut and hide till she’s gone. I’m not stupid enough to tangle with her lol.



While I write

What do I listen to while I write?

I put my headphones on and turn on Celtic Woman. I love their music! Yes I’m a cowgirl, and I listen to country most of the time.

But I’ve found that the best music to work by is Celtic Woman. It’s perfect for my different writing moods. Happy, fast, slow, sad. I love the flute, and drums. Of course when I’m writing a dark or brooding section, I turn to Evanescence. Weird I know. Don’t ask me why. Lol

Currently working on North Star Crusades series Book 2 Northern Bound and listening to Celtic Woman’s Bean Phaiden.