Book re-release

Shattered Earth is ready!

It’s up on Amazon, and ready for your purchase and review!

I think you will LOVE what we have done with it!

❁ ░O░R░D░E░R░ ❁
🔷️*°•.❁🔹️❁ ░N░O░W░ ❁🔹️❁.•°*🔷️

🔹️Book Blurb:

Gaia Christianson thought she’d been damned to die on a crumbling earth when she was given a chance at a new life on Phoenix, a recently discovered planet currently being colonized by humans fleeing the destruction of their once vibrant home world.

Cadeon West left behind everything he had ever known to raise cattle, and horses on the new planet, only to have his plans swerve off course. When his path connects with Gaia’s on board one of the many ships, his life will be forever entangled with hers. Whether he wants it to be or not.

Only those with enough money to purchase a boarding pass, or those given specific jobs on board the specially crafted ships, were able to leave earth behind just before it split.


New cover reveal!

Drum roll please…..

Presenting the NEW COVER for Shattered Earth! Eeekkkk it looks so amazing! The graphic designer at A Novel Connection has done it again! ❤

Shattered Earth will be re-released on Amazon on July 15th!

Shattered Earth TABLET

Dilemma of the day

Dilemma # 5,000,245,356 of the day …

Do I help the kids clean their rooms so I know it’s done properly, or do I thumb my nose at them, tell em they are on their own and get the clean up edits done from Shattered Earth?

Oh, did I forget to mention that I already had Shattered earth back from my editor?

Well guess what?

It’s baaaack!

And I will have the clean ups done A.S.A.P….unless I help the kid’s clean their room’s lol.

Still undecided.


P.s. Shattered Earth will also uave a brand new cover! So excited!

New cover’s & Pro-edits

Final edits have been completed on Due North! I have also hired a graphic designer to customize a brand new cover!

So excited! I will have a release date and FB event up soon!
Shattered Earth is next up on the pro-edits list!

IN FACT, it’s already in my editors hands!!!

So, it has been removed from Amazon until it reaches it’s final stage of edits, and possibly a new cover as well!

Memorial day weekend 2018

While you are all at a BBQ or bonfire this weekend, remember those who have fallen. Remember those whos lives were cut too short. Remember those who gave their life for their country. For your country.

They were fathers. Mothers. Brothers. Sisters. This weekend is for them. Not just for a 3 day vacation from work.

So just take a minute and remember.

#rememberthefallen #honoroursoldiers #rememberoursoldiers

Night Time Calf Feedings

Many of you have a 9-5 job, 5 days a week in a town or city. You have no connection to the rural community. Heck, there are even those who live in the rural community, and still have no connections or the slightest idea what a Farmer or Rancher does.

Many of you have no clue where your food comes from, and that’s okay. For now. But you will eventually need to know. Because your food does not originate from a grocery store, gas station, or a restaurant; it comes from a Farm or Ranch.

That’s right, your food doesn’t magically appear all clean, shrink wrapped, and packaged for your delight at the supermarket. It doesn’t come magically precooked. Someone has to do the work for it to get there.

A Farmer grew the vegetables that grace your table’s side dish. A Rancher raised the meat you dine on with so much relish. We grow/raise the food, and it is then brought to your preferred store where you can purchase to your hearts delight.

I am a Rancher as most of you know from previous posts. I raise Angus/Hereford beef cattle, and I love what I do. We don’t work from 9-5, 5 days a week like many people.

We are a 24/7, every day of the year, even on holiday’s kind of operation. All day and All night if need be. We take very good care of our livestock, and are sure to use the best and healthiest practices for the animals possible.

So for example, last night, I was up after dark, helping a calf drink milk from its mother. You see, sometimes cows don’t mother up right away (this means they don’t get attached to the baby the minute it slides out of their bodies, its nature, it happens sometimes) they need to lick the calf clean and wait patiently for it to rise unsteadily to its legs so it can nudge her udders looking for milk.

Most of the time, the pair are successful, and mother and calf can be left alone. But in cases like last night, they needed a little help.

A couple of days ago one of our first calf heifers (a cow that is calving for the very first time) calved (gave birth) she licked the baby clean, and then wandered off. Now, in this case sometimes the momma comes right back after letting the calf rest up before trying to eat (being born is hard work!) but, this cow didn’t come back. In fact, she ignored that calf all day. Even after it was up and moving.

So, like any good rancher, we brought the cow and calf up into our working shed, and put the cow into the chute. (A chute is a piece of cattle ranching equipment that is used to hold the cow standing steady, and makes it so that injuries hopefully don’t occur, when dealing with animals of any kind, one must be cautious, and use Veterinary approved techniques such as this) There are small wooden panels at the bottom of the chute that can be removed just for these occasions.

It allows a gap wide enough for a calf to get under the cow to suckle till he’s got a full belly.

So, that has been on the daily to do list since that cow calved. Many times throughout the day the cow will have to be brought in to allow the calf to drink. Sometimes, if we are lucky, they will both figure out what’s what, and won’t need further help. Other times, we don’t get so lucky, and we end up with a bottle calf.

Either way, I’m just happy that both are alive. For now, we will continue to help them out and see where the road takes us all. Here’s hoping the cow stops being a butt-head. (Yes I said butt-head, when one has children, you tend to not use swear words as much as you may have lol.)

So, before someone tries to tell you that Farmers and Ranchers don’t take care of their animals, tell them this story. We take the well being and health of our livestock VERY seriously. This is our livelihood. We love what we do.

To all other Farmers and Ranchers out there, you are doing an awesome job dealing with all the weather related damages and natural disasters being thrown your way!

Prayers to all of you and to those fighting the wildfires, and who have lost homes, and animals!


On a bright note, we finally got a decent rain shower last night! The grass is starting to green up and it smells so fresh outside! I’m so thankful to God for the rain!