Worst substitute?

I’m honestly trying the best I can. It ain’t easy for substitutes.

I’d be writing if I had a computer to work with, but the teacher took it with her.

So I’m stuck with obnoxious, ungrateful, spoiled teenagers who could care less about the 9th grade math worksheets I’ve just handed them.

Listening to a bunch of bratty young girls complain about pants that arent white but aren’t cream, but somewhere in between.

God save me from these materialistic tweens.

I will say this, our education system sucks, and I’m glad I homeschool my kids. (No it’s not my fault it sucks) I’m usually not so tired and as far as substitutes go, I’m usually a pretty damned good one.

Kids today are either mindless testing robots, or dull and uncaring hooligans (okay, there are a handful that are exempt from this description I’ll admit, but they are out numbered.) It’s not really the teachers fault either.

It’s our government standards. Take a test, school gets funding, take another test, school gets more funding, take ANOTHER test, school gets even MORE funding…get the picture?

I’d honestly rather be helping my family bring the new bulls we bought home today than earning a measly amount to babysit mini adults who are still wet behind the ears.

Sigh. Tomorrow is another day, and another dollar.

Hope your day is better than mine

I’ll be applying stressaway oil now to kill the stress and drinking a Ningxia Nitro to wake me up.

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Have you ever seen

Have you ever seen a 28 year old woman run from the barn at 6am into the dark yelling “There’s a skunk in the tack room!”?

Well my husband and kids sure did yesterday morning. We had gone up to the barn to catch and saddle horses for a day of catching cows and hauling them home before the snow fell. (The snow started around 4pm yesterday. Thank God we were done by then)

Anyway, I went into the barn first, turning on lights as I went. And as I got into the back of the barn where our tackroom is, I started smelling something funny. (Skunks don’t have to spray to smell funny) I turned on the light in there and a skunk streaked across the room! I spun on my heel and ran hell bent for leather out of the barn and into the dark yelling about the skunk as I went.

My kids and husband stared at me like I  was sasquatch on mushrooms or something (paints a picture don’t it lol)

My husband walked in carefully with our two dogs to scout it out, but found nothing.

His words were “are you sure it wasn’t one of the cats?”

Like seriously? I know what the hell a skunk looks like. It was NOT one of our cats. Not to mention none of our cats are pure black with a white stripe down its back. *sigh*

Looking back a day later I have to laugh about it. It was pretty funny. And I got lucky that it didn’t spray me.

Calf sales and what comes first

We are finally on a slow day after bringing the calves to the sale barn. It’s a rewarding, but time consuming process.

Starting last friday and ending Monday with the sale, we have been to 3 different pastures, rounding up and hauling cattle home.

With ditches deep with water no horse wants to cross and cows keen on escape, we made it to 6am Monday morning. It’s still dark out, sun up doesn’t happen till about 7am. But we are dressed and ready for what comes next.

With water pumps breaking and causing home pastures to change it took a little longer than we hoped but we were able to get them sorted and calves loaded up. We made it on time to the sale, and no one got hurt.

I’d say that’s a win in my book 😃

The start of Autumn

So the start of Autumn heralds a flurry of “hurry up and get it done before the snow flies” activity.

This usually involves hauling the rest of the hay bales home, cleaning up the yard so you don’t lose a tool for an entire season because it’s buried, and fixing the home fences for when the cattle come back from summer pastures.

Which by the way cows come home next weekend so we can get calves sold.

Today’s project as well as tomorrow’s is to get the corn chopped into silage, and bagged into two 100 foot rows.

Luckily we have great friends who don’t mind a short notice phone call asking for help as our work crew is downsized due to surgies, and illness.

We’ve got 4 tractors running, one to run the bagger, one to chop the corn and the other two to run the chopper boxes full of chopped up corn from the field to the bagger.

It’s not grueling work, just time consuming, and sometimes frustrating if something breaks down.

For instance, yesterday I was helping run chopper boxes back and forth till one of our friends was able to make it that evening.

What do you get, when you have a VERY heavy load of corn and an old Case 1030 tractor going uphill into our driveway?

A stalled tractor and a FREAKED out wife who can’t get the damned thing to STOP rolling backwards and into the road!

I was saved by the chopper box jackknifing and stopping me from continuing down the hill towards utter disaster.

The worst to happen was the tongue of the chopper wagon got bent. Thank God that’s all. We were even able to bend it back enough to continue using it. Didn’t even lose a bit of silage over it!

So today I’m holding down the fort, cleaning the house, taking care of my kids, making a beer run as I promised free beer and food for the guys helping, and some delicious Beef stew.

No, I’m not even ashamed to admit I used a Pioneer woman recipe! I’d never made this recipe before, but it smells delicious, and what I have taste tested so far, is pretty good. Usually I just throw meat and veggies in the crockpot and let it go.

Oh, and by the way, I was the only one driving chopper boxes back and forth yesterday. It took TWO men to replace me lol. 😃

I am happy

Thank God I had Young Living vitality Peppermint, and Nutmeg essential oils today. They gave me the energy I needed to keep up with everything.

I just NOW sat down for a break after a FULL day of housework, subbing at the school, homeschooling my kids, picking up the CSA, AND fixing 4 pastures fences.

Oh, and chasing naughty horses out of the cows pasture and back into their own after I fixed their escape hole too. 😂

#ilovemylife #wouldnthaveitanyotherway

How to homeschool your children

Homeschooling your children can be a very stressful experience, but rewarding at the same time.

If you are like me and you worry that your kids aren’t getting the right kind of education in the public school system, or if they are getting a great education, but you feel as if the school isn’t taking enough precautions to keep your children safe; then homeschooling is a very viable, successful option if you are up for it.

Now days there are tons of homeschool curriculum options to choose from and it can be overwhelming trying to find the right fit for your family. It took me two years to convince my husband that it was right for us, mainly because he wasn’t sure we had the time or the patience. After he said yes, it took me two months to decide what curriculum was right for us.

You can take the cheap route, it doesn’t have to be expensive to give your kids the best, but it takes A LOT more of your time, planning, setting up, administering. To do this, one basically needs to search out ALL of the subjects per grade needed and where to find the most affordable textbooks etc.

Or, if you are more like me, you value your time. You work from home, you work away from home, you run a ranch, you have babies who aren’t ready for school yet. Whatever your reason, you just don’t have the time for the extensive daily research.

So, you spend that bit of extra money you have saved up, and get the full on complete curriculum kit that is already set up, and planned out for the whole year. You just have to set up the schedule which takes about two minutes with the site I use, and you are ready to go!

I use

for ALL of my homeschool needs including the weekly, and daily schedule that is customized based on the curriculum kit you purchased from them.

There are a few smaller items such as a class globe, pencils, art books, art supplies, class calendar, a record keeping book etc that I got off of Amazon.

As far as record keeping…KEEP AWESOME RECORDS. Save samples of their work, save tests, make copies of paperwork you send in to the school district (letter of intent to homeschool, must be sent into local school district before school year)

Also, check out your state laws. Each state requires something different.

I recommend looking into the

There is A LOT of information about homeschooling on this site.

And remember, no one is a better judge of your child’s educational needs than you as a parent. Have fun. Learn exciting new things. Take field trips. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds.

A bad day of homeschool can still be a better day than any normal day at most public schools.

There’s no bullying, no little cliques, no popular kids, no nerds.

Just family.

To me, it’s worth it. To my kids, it’s ten times better.

Becoming official

I finally took the step to get help with my writing. In other words professional help.

Not just my friends, and family as I’ve done before. I am in the process of applying for an ARTS grant to fund a professional editor, and publicist for my novels!



Just got dive bombing butterflies in my stomach from the excitement! This could open up a whole new world for me!


Also, in a week or so I should be getting the results from round 1 of this year’s NYC Flash fiction challenge! Can’t wait to see my score!

Official book review

My Celtic Warrior is a short book – fantasy romance novel written about a girl named Raina. Raina’s parents have two boys and one other daughter. Raina was taught how to fight, yield a sword and also knows how to heal. She is a witch, but of the white kind. Raina refuses to be forced married and so she runs away. Her maid Sierria also follows her on a journey where things are not so welcoming. On her way, she meets Sean. He is the laird of his own clan and is a suitable match for her, however, Sean is not very receptive to her witch abilities.

The story unfolds when Sean’s past catches up with him and Raina manages to realize the extent of the damage Sean’s past has caused. She then understands what she has to fight for. The story has mature content and the dialogue is written with an accent. There was not much world setting or any backstory besides Sean’s past to enrich the foundations of the plot, however, what surpassed between the characters and the concept of the novel worked well together.

The author’s style of writing was easy and had a nice flow to it. The scenes were sectioned off to clarify the change of the theme however, the narrator remained the same. I believe anyone that enjoys a fast and short read would benefit from this book. The tale is about love, sacrifice and has a strong woman lead.

Written by Jeyran Main

Here is where you can read this book:


Review can be found on

My Celtic Warrior can be found at


Find your arrow

He’s lost in this world with no compass at hand. With demons and booze, his thoughts are clouded and aimless.

As each day passes by, he looses more friends and family to the devils that plague him.

Those who love him, take a step back with uncertainty, and fear. Those who hate him, cheer him on and whisper lies in his ears.

The time has come for him to find his path. To go out into the world on his own, and forge a path that is his alone.

To fight the demons that no others can. To regain his true self, and find his destiny.

This is something none of us can do for him. We can help him no longer.

It’s time for the boy to become a man and step down from that childs pony. It’s time he rode the wild horse named responsibility.


It’s time little brother. Theres no 8 seconds on this timer. Find your true arrow, and point it North.